Hi ! My name is Raziye Buse Çetin.

I am a creative and a systems thinker. I think, write, tell stories,and connect people.

For the past five years, I’ve been focusing on the social impact of artificial intelligence systems. I’ve worked with foundations, non-profits, fashion-luxury-beauty brands, art institutions on the intersection of AI and topics such as feminism, equity, decoloniality, AI ethics and governance.
I have been featured on Forbes, delivered a Tedx talk, selected for 100 Brilliant Women in AI Ethics 2020 list and CIDOB Barselona 35 leaders under 35 list.

My passion and skills are industry-agnostic, I am interested in driving change for equity, authenticity and freedom on the individual and collective level.
I believe that it is by creating a feedbackloop between research, policy & advocacy, and art that we can shift things. 

My educational background is in social sciences and public policy. I am based in Paris and Istanbul, and I speak Turkish, English, and French.

I'm always interested in collaborations and exciting projects.
You can contact me here:

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