Digital Futures Gathering

Future Visions
Article: Powerful Delusions

More than 50 independent researchers, activists and civil society practitioners came together in Berlin as part of a concerted effort to shift our collective thinking from reactive to proactive. Over the two-day event, participants imagined what just and sustainable digital futures can look like and developed collaborative strategies to work towards those visions.

“Instead of pitching towards the future with an ‘arrow-like nomadism’, what would ‘errantry’ allow me to think, feel and act like in the present? Creating powerful narratives of digital futures is imperfect errantry: it revisits the archives to rewrite the past(s) as much as it envisions the future(s). And since the present enfolds both the past and the future (without a capital p or f), it is also about amplifying what exists in the here and now, even though it might feel like cultivating a cruel attachment to hope.”